Unlocking the Full Potential of Ezy StartBar with Multiple Displays


Is it possible to extend the functionality of Ezy StartBar across a multi-monitor setup?


When it comes to enhancing productivity, a multi-monitor setup is a game-changer, offering an expansive digital workspace. For users of Ezy StartBar, a common question arises: Can this tool be extended across multiple monitors?

The answer is a resounding yes. Ezy StartBar, designed with flexibility in mind, can indeed span across several screens. This capability allows users to maintain a consistent experience as they move between monitors, keeping their favorite applications and shortcuts at their fingertips.

Before extending Ezy StartBar, ensure that your monitors are correctly configured within your operating system. Windows, for instance, provides robust support for multi-monitor setups, allowing you to arrange displays to match their physical setup. Once your monitors are recognized and arranged, you can proceed to extend Ezy StartBar.

Ezy StartBar Configuration

To extend Ezy StartBar, access its settings and look for the multi-monitor support option. This feature will enable the StartBar to appear on all connected displays. Some versions may also offer customization options for each monitor, letting you tailor the StartBar’s appearance and functionality to suit different screens.

Benefits of Multi-Monitor Ezy StartBar

With Ezy StartBar extended across multiple monitors, you can:

  • Enhance your workflow by having a StartBar dedicated to each display.
  • Customize each StartBar with specific shortcuts relevant to the tasks performed on that monitor.
  • Keep essential tools accessible no matter which screen you’re working on.


In conclusion, Ezy StartBar’s multi-monitor support exemplifies the tool’s adaptability, making it a valuable asset for anyone looking to optimize their multi-screen environment. By following the correct setup procedures and exploring the customization options available, users can enjoy a seamless and productive experience across all their displays.

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