Anchoring Excellence: The Transformation of Cinec Standard


Could you detail the advancements and changes that the Cinec Standard has undergone since its inception?


Over the years, CINEC has continuously upgraded its curriculum to meet the evolving standards of the maritime industry. It has expanded its offerings to include a wide range of courses, from certificate to higher diploma levels, catering to over 21,000 students annually . The institution prides itself on its ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification and has been the recipient of multiple national and international awards for quality education .

CINEC’s commitment to maintaining a robust digital repository for scholarly communication and preservation of its legacy is evident in its eRepository service. This digital platform ensures that the wealth of knowledge generated by CINEC’s research and student projects is accessible and preserved for future generations .

In terms of infrastructure, CINEC has established itself as the largest maritime educational training facility in Sri Lanka, approved by the Directorate of Merchant Shipping. It is the only institution in the country that offers management-level training to Class II and Class I seafarers .

CINEC’s trained seafarers are highly sought after, with a retention rate of 85% – 90% under the same principal, indicating the high regard for CINEC’s training standards. The institution’s partnerships and associations extend to various sectors of the maritime industry, including port control management, ship repair, and crew recruitment .

In conclusion, the Cinec Standard has evolved to become synonymous with excellence in maritime education. Its focus on quality, comprehensive training, and international recognition has solidified its position as a pioneer in the field, contributing significantly to the global maritime workforce.

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