The Ultimate Guide to Fixing Random Restart Issues on Windows 11 PCs


What could be the cause of random restarts on a Windows 11 PC without any blue screen or overclocking?

I have a Windows 11 PC that randomly restarts without any warning or error message. It usually happens when the PC is under heavy load, but not always. I checked the event viewer and it shows event ID 41, which indicates a kernel power loss. I have not overclocked any component or enabled XMP. The PC is not overheating and the drivers are up to date. What could be the reason for these random restarts and how can I fix them?


Random restarts on a Windows 11 PC can be very frustrating and annoying, especially if they happen without any apparent reason or error message. There are many possible causes for this issue, but some of the most common ones are:

  • Power supply issues: If your power supply unit (PSU) is faulty, damaged, or not powerful enough to handle your PC’s load, it can cause your PC to lose power and restart unexpectedly. This can happen more frequently when your PC is under heavy load, such as gaming or video editing. To check if your PSU is the problem, you can try using a different one, or use a tool like [HWMonitor]( to monitor your PSU’s voltage and wattage output. If you see any fluctuations or drops in these values, you may need to replace your PSU or upgrade to a more powerful one.
  • Hardware conflicts or failures: Sometimes, your PC’s hardware components may not work well together, or may have some defects or errors that cause them to malfunction and trigger a restart. This can happen even if you have not overclocked or enabled XMP on any component, as some hardware may have compatibility issues or factory defects. To check if your hardware is the problem, you can try running some diagnostic tests, such as [MemTest86]( for your RAM, [CrystalDiskInfo]( for your hard drive or SSD, or [FurMark]( for your GPU. If you find any errors or failures in these tests, you may need to replace or repair the faulty hardware, or update its firmware or drivers.
  • Software bugs or viruses: Sometimes, your PC’s software may have some bugs or glitches that cause it to crash and restart. This can happen due to corrupted system files, outdated drivers, incompatible programs, or malicious viruses. To check if your software is the problem, you can try running some scans, such as [sfc /scannow]( for your system files, [Windows Update]( for your drivers and patches, [Windows Security]( for your antivirus, or [Windows Troubleshooter]( for your programs. If you find any issues or threats in these scans, you may need to fix or remove them, or reinstall your software.
  • These

are some of the most common causes of random restarts on a Windows 11 PC, but there may be other factors that can affect your PC’s stability and performance. To prevent or reduce the occurrence of random restarts, you should always keep your PC clean, cool, and well-maintained, and avoid installing or running any suspicious or unnecessary software. If you still experience random restarts after trying these solutions, you may need to contact a professional technician or Microsoft support for further assistance.

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