The Curious Case of the ASUS TUF dash 15: Power Connector Woes


Could you provide your insights on an unusual issue with an ASUS TUF dash 15 laptop’s charging behavior? Despite extensive research, I haven’t found any relevant information. The problem arises when the barrel jack power connector is used; any slight movement causes a significant drop in frame rate during gaming, plummeting to 1-5 FPS, and the system’s responsiveness decreases for a few moments. This performance degradation is more intense than when the laptop operates on battery power alone. Moreover, Windows doesn’t indicate any interruption in the charging process. This peculiar situation doesn’t occur when the laptop is powered through a USB-C 100W connection. What could be the potential causes of this issue, and how might one resolve it?


The ASUS TUF dash 15 is a robust gaming laptop known for its performance and durability. However, a peculiar issue has been reported concerning its charging behavior, which seems to affect the laptop’s performance during gaming significantly. Let’s delve into the potential causes and solutions for this unusual problem.


Faulty Power Connector:

The barrel jack power connector might be damaged or have a loose connection, causing intermittent power supply issues that affect the laptop’s performance.


Power Supply Interference:

Fluctuations in the power supply when connected to the barrel jack could interfere with the laptop’s power management system, leading to performance drops.


Hardware Malfunction:

There could be an underlying hardware issue with the laptop’s motherboard or power management circuitry that is exacerbated when using the barrel jack.


Software or Driver Conflict:

The laptop’s power management drivers or related software might be conflicting with other system components when the charger is connected and moved.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  • Check the Connector:

    Inspect the barrel jack connector for any signs of damage or wear. If it appears to be faulty, replacing the charger may resolve the issue.

  • Update System Drivers:

    Ensure that all system drivers, especially those related to power management, are up to date. ASUS provides a [troubleshooting guide] for battery and power-related issues, which includes steps like updating the BIOS and drivers.

  • Perform a Hardware Check:

    If the problem persists, it might be worth having the laptop checked by a professional to rule out any hardware defects.

  • Use Alternative Charging Methods:

    As the issue does not occur with USB-C charging, using this as the primary charging method could be a temporary workaround.

  • Conclusion:

    The described issue with the ASUS TUF dash 15 laptop is indeed unusual. While the exact cause can be challenging to pinpoint without a hands-on examination, the steps outlined above provide a starting point for troubleshooting. If the problem remains unresolved, contacting ASUS support or a certified technician is advisable for further assistance. Remember, intermittent hardware issues can be complex, and sometimes a professional repair or replacement might be the only solution.

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