The Complete Checklist for Running Senti Gaze SDK


Could you detail the hardware and software prerequisites necessary to effectively run the Senti Gaze SDK?


  • CPU:

    A 2 GHz or better CPU is required, with 3 GHz or faster recommended for more intensive tasks.

  • RAM:

    At least 256 MB of free RAM is necessary to run the SDK smoothly.

  • Camera/Webcam:

    A camera or webcam with a resolution of at least 640 x 480 pixels is essential for accurate gaze tracking.

  • Software Requirements:

  • Operating System:

    The SDK is designed for the Microsoft Windows platform, so a compatible version of Windows is required.

  • .NET Framework:

    Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher must be installed on the system.

  • The Senti Gaze SDK is designed to work with regular webcams and does not require specialized hardware like gaze-tracking cameras or devices that fix the user’s head in a rigid position. This makes it accessible and convenient for developers who want to integrate gaze tracking into their applications without the need for expensive or complex equipment.

    By meeting these prerequisites, developers can leverage the full capabilities of the Senti Gaze SDK, which include real-time eye movement tracking, heat map generation, and gaze-based control for various applications ranging from web usability studies to accessibility tools for disabled individuals..

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