Runecats Desktop Manager: Is It Really Free?


Could you elucidate whether the Runecats Desktop Manager is available at no cost for users?


The application is lightweight and minimizes to the system tray upon launch. Users can switch between desktops using a small panel or the tray icon context menu. However, it’s worth noting that the application does not support managing windows across different desktops; windows opened in a particular workspace will remain there until the session ends or the application is exited.

While the Runecats Desktop Manager is free, it seems to have some limitations in terms of functionality. For instance, there are no options to configure hotkeys for switching desktops, and the ability to move windows between desktops is not supported. These limitations may affect the overall user experience, especially for those who require more advanced features from their desktop management tools.

In summary, Runecats Desktop Manager is indeed available at no cost and could be a useful tool for users looking to organize their workspace with multiple desktops. However, potential users should be aware of its limitations and consider whether it meets their specific needs for desktop management.

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