No Motherboard Upgrade Needed: Using Your 5K Thunderbolt Display with an AMD PC


I seek your guidance on connecting my LG Ultragear 5K monitor, which utilizes a Thunderbolt interface, to my AMD-based PC that lacks Thunderbolt headers on the motherboard. I’m interested in using this monitor as a secondary display. My GPU is an NVIDIA 3080 Ti, which provides DisplayPort and HDMI outputs. Could you advise if there exists an adapter that would allow me to bridge these interfaces without necessitating an upgrade to my motherboard or CPU?

I appreciate your assistance in this matter.”


In the quest to enhance your computing setup, you’ve encountered a common conundrum: interfacing a Thunderbolt-exclusive monitor with a PC that does not natively support Thunderbolt. This is particularly relevant when you’re aiming to connect an LG Ultragear 5K monitor to an AMD-based system equipped with an NVIDIA 3080 Ti GPU.

The LG Ultragear 5K monitor requires a Thunderbolt connection to function at its full potential, which includes its high-resolution capabilities. On the other hand, your AMD motherboard lacks Thunderbolt headers, and your GPU offers DisplayPort and HDMI outputs. The challenge lies in bridging these disparate technologies without a complete system overhaul.

The Solution:

Fortunately, the tech world has anticipated such needs, and there are adapters available that can bridge the gap between DisplayPort/HDMI and Thunderbolt. These adapters convert the DisplayPort or HDMI output from your GPU to a Thunderbolt input that your monitor can accept.

Adapter Options:

  • DisplayPort to Thunderbolt

    : You can find adapters that convert a DisplayPort signal to Thunderbolt. This will allow you to use the DisplayPort output from your 3080 Ti GPU to connect to your LG Ultragear monitor.

  • HDMI to Thunderbolt

    : Similarly, there are adapters that convert an HDMI output to a Thunderbolt input. However, it’s important to note that while HDMI can handle 4K resolution, it may not support the full 5K resolution that your monitor is capable of displaying.

  • Considerations:

    When selecting an adapter, ensure that it supports the full resolution and refresh rate of your monitor. Additionally, it’s crucial to confirm that the adapter is compatible with the specific version of Thunderbolt that your monitor uses.


    By using the appropriate adapter, you can successfully connect your LG Ultragear 5K monitor to your AMD-based PC without the need for upgrading your motherboard or CPU. This solution provides a cost-effective way to expand your display capabilities and enjoy the high-resolution benefits of your monitor.

    For specific product recommendations, it’s advisable to consult with the manufacturer of your monitor or visit reputable electronics retailers who can provide you with options that are compatible with your setup.

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