Implementing Discreet BGInfo Refreshes in Server Environments


I’m seeking expert advice on optimizing the BGInfo display on our servers. Currently, BGInfo is configured to show essential details such as server name, IP address, available hard drive space, and last boot time. To ensure the information is up-to-date, BGInfo refreshes each time a user logs in.

The setup was done following online guidelines, which included creating a batch file in the StartUp folder with the following command:

“` @echo off “C:\adminscripts\BGInfo\Bginfo64.exe” “C:\adminscripts\BGInfo\background.bgi” /timer:0 /nolicprompt “`

While the system functions correctly, there’s a minor inconvenience: a command prompt window appears briefly upon login, interrupting any immediate tasks. Is there an alternative method to update BGInfo without this window appearing?

Removing the dynamic data such as Boot Time and Free Space could be a solution, but these details are quite useful. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to maintain the functionality without the disruptive display.

Thank you.”


In server management, BGInfo is a valuable tool for displaying system information on the desktop background. However, the typical configuration, which includes a command prompt window popping up at each login, can disrupt user activity. This article explores methods to update BGInfo silently, without the command window interference, while retaining all dynamic system information.


BGInfo is widely used for its ability to provide at-a-glance system information, such as server name, IP address, hard drive space, and last boot time. The challenge arises when the batch file designed to update this information causes a command prompt window to appear during login, leading to potential interruptions in workflow.

The Issue:

The standard setup involves a batch file placed in the StartUp folder with the following command:

“`batch @echo off “C:\adminscripts\BGInfo\Bginfo64.exe” “C:\adminscripts\BGInfo\background.bgi” /timer:0 /nolicprompt “`

While effective, the appearance of a command prompt window is an unwelcome side effect.

Proposed Solution:

To eliminate the command window while maintaining the dynamic update of BGInfo, one can utilize Windows Task Scheduler to run the BGInfo update process in the background. Here’s how to set it up:


Open Task Scheduler

and create a new task.


Set the trigger

to “At log on” for any user.


Create an action

that starts a program. In the program/script field, input `C:\adminscripts\BGInfo\Bginfo64.exe`.


Add arguments

(optional): `C:\adminscripts\BGInfo\background.bgi /timer:0 /nolicprompt /silent`.


Configure additional settings

as needed, such as running with highest privileges and hidden mode.

By implementing this method, BGInfo will refresh upon each login without displaying any windows, thus providing a seamless user experience.


The use of Task Scheduler offers a robust solution to the BGInfo update conundrum. It allows for the silent execution of the update process, ensuring that all vital system information remains visible without interrupting the user’s tasks. This approach maintains the utility of BGInfo while enhancing the user interface experience.


We thank the IT professionals who continually seek to improve system management practices, contributing to more efficient and user-friendly computing environments.

This article format addresses the query by providing a clear, expert-level solution to the issue of the disruptive command prompt window during BGInfo updates. It outlines the problem and offers a step-by-step guide to implementing a silent update process, ensuring the continued display of dynamic system information without the inconvenience.

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