The Bequer Edge: A CSS3 Machine Tutorial on Shadows and Borders


Could you guide me on implementing CSS shadows and borders using The Bequer Tools?


Adding CSS Shadows with


Bequer Tools:

CSS shadows can add depth to your elements, making them stand out.


Bequer Tools offer a user-friendly interface to create `box-shadow` and `text-shadow` properties.

  • – This property adds a shadow to the entire box of an element. You can adjust the horizontal and vertical offsets, blur radius, spread radius, and color.

  • Text Shadow:

    Similar to the box shadow but applied to text, you can customize the shadow’s offset, blur, and color to make your text pop.

  • Creating Borders with


    Bequer Tools:

    Borders define the edges of an element, and with


    Bequer Tools, you can customize their width, style, and color.

  • Border Width:

    Set the thickness of your border. You can specify different widths for each side or keep them uniform.

  • Border Style:

    Choose from various styles like solid, dotted, dashed, and more to match your design needs.

  • Border Color:

    Pick a color that complements or contrasts with your element to make it visually appealing.

  • Practical Steps:

    1. Select the element you want to style in


    Bequer Tools interface.

    2. Navigate to the ‘Shadows & Borders’ section.

    3. Use the sliders and color pickers to adjust the shadow and border properties to your liking.



    Bequer Tools will generate the CSS code for you.

    5. Copy and paste the generated code into your stylesheet.

    Tips for Best Practices:

    • Use shadows sparingly to avoid overwhelming the design.
    • Ensure the border color has enough contrast with the background for better visibility.
    • Preview your changes in different browsers to ensure compatibility.
    • The

    Bequer Tools – CSS3 Machines simplify the process of adding sophisticated styling to your web projects. With these tools at your disposal, you can create professional-looking designs with ease. Happy designing!

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