HDMI and High Pings: Troubleshooting Monitor-Induced Internet Slowdowns


“What could be causing my monitor to significantly reduce my internet speed? Despite a stable connection via powerline for two years, I’ve recently observed a drastic slowdown in internet performance when my monitor is turned on. This issue persists even when other household electrical devices are off. The monitor is connected via HDMI, and speed tests indicate internet speeds are five times faster with the monitor off. With the monitor on, my download speed drops to 70kB/s, and my ping in Discord calls reaches 5000ms. What troubleshooting steps can I take to resolve this unusual problem?”


In the realm of digital connectivity, a curious case has emerged: a monitor seemingly siphoning internet speed, leaving a trail of sluggish downloads and sky-high pings in its wake. This phenomenon defies the norm, as monitors are not known to directly affect network speeds. Let’s delve into the possible culprits and troubleshooting steps to demystify this conundrum.

One potential explanation lies in electromagnetic interference (EMI). HDMI cables, while primarily for video and audio signals, can also emit EMI, which may disrupt the signal of nearby powerline adapters. This interference can be exacerbated if the HDMI cable is not properly shielded or if it’s in close proximity to the powerline adapter.

Troubleshooting Steps:


Distance Matters:

Ensure there’s ample distance between your powerline adapter and the monitor/HDMI cable.


Quality Counts:

Consider using a higher-quality, shielded HDMI cable to reduce EMI.


Firmware Updates:

Check for firmware updates for your powerline adapter, which may improve its resistance to interference.

Powerline Puzzles: A Connection in Question

Powerline technology relies on electrical wiring to transmit data, and while generally stable, it can be sensitive to the quality of the wiring and other connected devices. A previously unnoticed issue with the electrical system could now be manifesting as interference with your internet connection.

Troubleshooting Steps:


Inspect Your Setup:

Examine the electrical circuit for any new devices that may cause interference.


Change the Channel:

Try plugging the powerline adapter into a different outlet on a different circuit to see if the issue persists.

Monitor Mayhem: An Unlikely Internet Thief

Though it’s rare, a malfunctioning monitor could introduce noise into the electrical system. If the monitor’s power supply is faulty, it could be creating fluctuations that affect the powerline adapter’s performance.

Troubleshooting Steps:


Monitor Test:

Use a different monitor to see if the issue continues.


Direct Connection:

Temporarily connect your computer directly to the router via Ethernet to rule out the powerline adapter as the source of the problem.


The interplay between monitors, HDMI cables, and powerline adapters is intricate, and pinpointing the exact cause requires a process of elimination. By methodically following the troubleshooting steps outlined, you can identify the source of the interference and restore your internet speed to its former glory. Remember, patience and persistence are key in unraveling the mysteries of modern technology.

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