Full-Screen Flip: Making Sense of the Latest RDP Update


“Today, I’ve encountered a perplexing issue where my Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) session, when in full-screen mode, automatically reverts to my primary monitor. Could you shed light on the rationale behind this update? Additionally, are there any known workarounds to this behavior? Furthermore, I’ve noticed that the connection ribbon has changed from blue to black, suggesting a recent update that included Microsoft RDP. Could you provide any insights on this change?”


The Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a foundational tool for many professionals, providing the ability to remotely access and manage systems. However, recent updates have introduced a behavior where RDP sessions in full-screen mode revert to the primary monitor. This can be disorienting and disrupt workflow efficiency.

The rationale behind this update is not explicitly detailed in public release notes. However, it’s common for software updates to enhance security or improve compatibility with diverse hardware setups. Sometimes, these updates may alter the behavior of certain features, like the full-screen mode in RDP sessions.

Workarounds for Full-Screen Mode

If you’re experiencing this issue, there are a few steps you can take to attempt a resolution:


Check Display Settings

: Navigate to the display settings within the RDP connection dialog and ensure the display configuration slider is set to ‘Large (Full Screen)’.


Modify Default.rdp File

: The Default.rdp file saves your RDP session settings. If this file has been altered to change the display setting from full-screen to a different setting, it could cause the issue you’re experiencing. Resetting this to full-screen may resolve the problem.


Update or Rollback RDP

: If the issue began after an update, consider rolling back to a previous version. Conversely, if you’re running an older version, updating to the latest release might fix the problem.

Insights on the Connection Ribbon Color Change

The change in the connection ribbon’s color from blue to black is likely a design choice made in the recent update. While the exact reason for this change is not provided, it’s typically done for better visual coherence with the updated user interface or to conform to new design standards.

In conclusion, while updates are meant to improve the user experience, they can sometimes introduce challenges. By exploring the settings and configurations mentioned above, you may find a solution that restores your RDP session to its full-screen glory. If the issue persists, reaching out to Microsoft support or providing feedback through user voice platforms may help address the concern in future updates.

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