Exploring the Versatility of the AXP CharBooster


Is the AXP CharBooster versatile enough to power up devices beyond mobile phones?


  • It offers various pre-configured filters to provide different voicings for the instrument.
  • The saturation circuit introduces harmonics to the signal, aiming for transparency while adding character.
  • It is based on tube and tape emulation models, specifically a 12AX7 tube and an Ampex ATR-102 tape recorder.
  • Given its tailored design for guitar signal processing, the AXP CharBooster is not intended for charging electronic devices like mobile phones. Its capabilities are focused on audio signal enhancement rather than power delivery. Therefore, it does not possess the versatility to power up devices beyond its intended use for guitars and related audio equipment.


conclusion, while the AXP CharBooster excels in its domain of audio signal boosting and character enhancement, it is not suitable for charging mobile phones or other electronic devices. Its design and functionality are strictly confined to audio signal processing within a musical context.

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