Mastering Email Migration: Batch Convert MSG to EML with Ease


Could you advise on the most efficient method for converting multiple MSG files into EML format simultaneously?


Before diving into the conversion process, it’s important to understand the file formats. MSG is a file format used by Microsoft Outlook to store individual emails, while EML is a more universal format used by various email clients.

Choosing the Right Tool:

The most efficient method involves using a dedicated conversion tool that can handle batch processing. There are several software options available that can convert MSG files to EML in bulk. Look for a tool that offers:

  • Batch Conversion:

    Ability to process multiple files at once.

  • Preservation of Data Integrity:

    Ensures all elements of the email, such as attachments and formatting, remain intact.

  • User-Friendly Interface:

    Simplifies the process, making it accessible even for non-technical users.

  • Step-by-Step Conversion Process:


    Install the Conversion Software:

    Download and install your chosen MSG to EML converter on your computer.


    Load MSG Files:

    Open the software and use the ‘Add Files’ or ‘Add Folder’ option to import the MSG files you wish to convert.


    Set Output Preferences:

    Choose EML as the output format and specify the destination folder for the converted files.


    Start the Conversion:

    Initiate the batch conversion process and wait for it to complete. The time taken will depend on the number of files and their size.


    Verify the Results:

    Once the conversion is done, navigate to the destination folder and check the EML files to ensure they’ve been converted correctly.

    Automation for Advanced Users:

    If you’re comfortable with scripting, you can automate the conversion process using a programming language like Python. There are libraries available that can read MSG files and write them out as EML files, allowing for more control over the conversion process and the ability to integrate it into larger workflows.


    The key to efficiently converting multiple MSG files to EML simultaneously lies in choosing the right tool and following a systematic approach. Whether you opt for a standalone software solution or a custom script, ensure that the integrity of your data is maintained throughout the conversion process.

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