CinDe 101: Your First Steps into Learning CinDe


Could you guide me to any beginner-level tutorials available for CinDe?


One of the most accessible resources is a series of YouTube tutorials. These videos provide a visual and practical guide to using CinDe, especially helpful for understanding the software’s interface and basic functions. You can find a tutorial on how to use the CinDe Shell Extension to detect Cinavia in video files, which is a great starting point.

CINDE Online Courses

For a more structured learning experience, CINDE offers online courses that you can take at your convenience. These courses are self-taught and cover a range of topics from the basics to more advanced features. The course fees include a one-year membership with CINDE, giving you access to additional resources and support.

Materials and Engineering Training

If you’re interested in the technical background of the materials and components you’ll be working with in CinDe, there’s a training course available on Engineering, Materials, and Components (EMC) offered by CINDE. This course aims to provide a strong foundation in engineering principles, which is vital for any NDT technician.

These resources are designed to help beginners navigate the initial learning curve of CinDe. With a mix of video tutorials and comprehensive courses, you can choose the learning style that best suits your needs. Happy learning!

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