AVCertClean and OS Support: A Detailed Look


Could you clarify whether AVCertClean is compatible with various operating systems?


AVCertClean is tailored for the Windows operating system. The tool’s primary function is to clean legit certificates from the untrusted store, which is a feature typically associated with Windows environments. As such, its compatibility is focused on various versions of Windows. There is no explicit mention of support for other operating systems like macOS or Linux in the available documentation.

Usage Considerations:

It’s important to note that AVCertClean should be used with caution. It is recommended not to use this software blindly if you are unsure about the necessity. It’s always a good practice to seek expert advice or assistance if you suspect your system’s security certificates have been compromised.


In summary, AVCertClean is a Windows-specific tool that plays a crucial role in recovering the functionality of security software affected by malicious infections. Users should ensure they understand the tool’s purpose and seek guidance when needed to avoid unintended consequences.

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