Your Go-To Guide for Reliable Opening.bnr Extraction Tools


Could you suggest a dependable tool for extracting Opening.bnr files, please?


operates in two modes: export and import. In export mode, it can extract a BNR file to a TGA image and a TXT document. Conversely, in import mode, it allows you to create a BNR file from a TGA image and TXT document in either BNR1 or BNR2 format. This flexibility makes it suitable for various user needs, whether you’re looking to extract information from an existing file or create a new one for your GameCube project.

The tool is designed to work with the specific file entries like “opening.bnr”, “openingUS.bnr”, “openingEU.bnr”, and “openingJP.bnr”, ensuring that it caters to a range of regional variations of GameCube discs. Moreover, bnrtool is compatible with multiple operating systems and has been tested on Windows with positive results.

For those who might encounter issues with game disc files, bnrtool is strictly focused on BNR files alone. However, you can use Dolphin to extract the BNR file itself to work on it. For repacking the game disc file after modifying the BNR, nodtool is recommended, which complements the functionality of bnrtool.

In summary,


stands out as a reliable and efficient solution for anyone needing to work with Opening.bnr files. Its ease of use, combined with its robust feature set, makes it an excellent choice for both novice users and seasoned developers alike. You can find bnrtool on GitHub, where it’s available for download.

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