Wired to Wireless: Assessing the Impact of In-Room Wi-Fi Routers on Gaming


“As an expert, could you advise if acquiring a personal Wi-Fi router and positioning it in my room would enhance my internet connectivity? Currently, I’m connected via an ethernet cable and experience a consistent ping around 80 in online gaming. Would the introduction of a dedicated Wi-Fi router in my room, while maintaining the ethernet connection, offer any improvement, or is the issue more likely related to my geographic location?”


In the realm of online gaming, where every millisecond counts, the quest for a seamless and responsive gaming experience is paramount. Gamers often find themselves pondering over the intricacies of their network setup to ensure they have the competitive edge. One such consideration is whether the addition of a personal Wi-Fi router in close proximity could improve their internet connectivity, especially when they are already using an ethernet cable.

Firstly, it’s important to acknowledge the benefits of an ethernet connection. Ethernet cables provide a direct, wired connection to your network, which typically offers faster speeds, lower latency, and more stability than a wireless connection. A consistent ping of around 80ms, as mentioned, is quite decent for online gaming. However, for those seeking to push the boundaries of their gaming performance, even a slight improvement can be significant.

Wi-Fi Router: A Game Changer?

Introducing a personal Wi-Fi router into your room can have several benefits. For starters, it can reduce the distance data has to travel between your device and the router, potentially decreasing latency. Moreover, modern routers come equipped with advanced features like Quality of Service (QoS) settings, which allow you to prioritize gaming traffic over other types of data. This means that your gaming packets get first dibs on your bandwidth, which could reduce ping times and improve overall responsiveness.

But Will It Make a Difference?

The question remains: will these improvements be noticeable if you’re still using an ethernet cable? The answer is nuanced. If your current setup is already optimized and you’re not experiencing significant issues, the difference may be marginal. However, if your existing network is congested or your router is outdated, a new Wi-Fi router could indeed make a difference.

Geography and Connectivity

As for the geographic location, it can certainly play a role in your internet performance. The quality of the infrastructure and the distance from your ISP’s nearest server can affect your connection. However, assuming you’re in an area with decent internet services, the impact of geography is likely already factored into your current ping times.


In conclusion, while a personal Wi-Fi router can offer some benefits, its impact on your gaming experience, given an existing ethernet connection, may be limited. It’s a worthwhile investment if you’re facing network congestion or have an older router model. Otherwise, the improvement might not be as significant as one would hope. Ultimately, the decision should be based on a careful assessment of your current setup and the potential benefits a new router could bring to your gaming sanctuary.

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