Windows Update Messed Up Your RDP? Here’s How to Fix It


How can I prevent RDP from snapping back to my primary monitor when in full screen mode after the latest update? I also noticed that the connection ribbon changed from blue to black. Is this a known issue and is there a solution?


How to Fix RDP Snapping and Connection Ribbon Color Issues

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a useful tool that allows users to connect to other computers over a network. However, some users have reported problems with RDP after the latest Windows update. In this article, we will discuss two common issues and how to solve them.

Some users have experienced that RDP snaps back to their primary monitor when they try to move it to a secondary monitor in full screen mode. This can be annoying and inconvenient, especially if you need to work on multiple screens.

There are a few possible solutions for this issue:

  • Change the monitor order in the RDP file. You can edit the saved RDP file and swap the screen numbers in the `selectedmonitors` line. For example, if you have `selectedmonitors:s:0,1`, you can change it to `selectedmonitors:s:1,0`. This will reverse the monitor order and make the RDP window appear on the desired monitor.
  • Change the RDP settings to single monitor and full screen. You can open the RDP client and go to the Display tab. Uncheck the box that says “Use all my monitors for the remote session” and set the resolution to full screen. Then, connect to the remote computer and move the RDP window to the secondary monitor. Finally, disconnect and reconnect with the “Use all my monitors” option checked again. This should make the RDP window stay on the secondary monitor.
  • Change the display settings on the remote computer. You can log in to the remote computer and go to the Display settings. There, you can drag the menu bar to the other monitor and apply the changes. This will make the remote computer recognize the other monitor as the primary one and display the RDP window accordingly.
  • Issue 2: RDP Connection Ribbon Changed from Blue to Black

    Another issue that some users have noticed is that the RDP connection ribbon changed from blue to black after the latest update. The connection ribbon is the thin bar at the top of the RDP window that shows the name of the remote computer and some options. Some users may prefer the blue color over the black one, or find the black one harder to see.

    Unfortunately, there is no official way to change the color of the connection ribbon, as it is a default design of the RDP client. However, some users have suggested some workarounds:

  • Use a different RDP client. You can try using a different RDP client that has a different toolbar, such as Remote Desktop Connection Manager, a free Microsoft tool that adds functionality to the Terminal Services Client. You can also use third-party RDP clients that may have more customization options.
  • Change the color of the title bar on the remote computer. You can log in to the remote computer and go to the Personalization settings. There, you can change the color of the title bar, which will also affect the connection ribbon. However, this may not work for all versions of Windows, and it may also change the color of other elements on the remote computer.
  • Hide the connection ribbon. You can hide the connection ribbon by clicking on the pin icon on the right side of the bar. This will make the bar disappear and only show up when you hover over the top edge of the RDP window. This may not be ideal if you need to access the options on the bar frequently, but it can reduce the distraction of the black color.
  • Conclusion


is a handy tool for remote access, but it can also have some issues after updates. In this article, we have discussed how to fix two common issues: RDP snapping back to the primary monitor when in full screen mode, and RDP connection ribbon changing from blue to black. We hope these solutions will help you improve your RDP experience. If you have any other questions or suggestions, please leave a comment below.

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