Windows Update and Driver Updates: How They Work and Why They Sometimes Fail


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  • Windows Update may not have access to the latest drivers from the device manufacturers, who may release them on their own websites or through other channels.
  • Windows Update may prioritize stability over performance, and choose a driver that has been tested and verified by Microsoft, rather than a newer or more optimized driver that has not been certified yet.
  • Windows Update may have compatibility issues with some drivers, especially if they are for older or uncommon devices, or if they conflict with other drivers or software on the computer.
  • Windows Update may not recognize some devices or their drivers correctly, and either skip them or install a generic or incorrect driver.
  • > Therefore, some drivers may be missed or backdated by Windows Update, and the user may need to manually update them from the device manufacturer’s website or other sources. This can improve the performance, functionality, or compatibility of the device and the system. However, manual driver updates also have some risks, such as installing a wrong or incompatible driver, causing system instability or errors, or introducing security vulnerabilities. Therefore, the user should always backup the system and the drivers before updating them, and only download drivers from trusted and reputable sources. : [Windows Update: FAQ]( : [What is a driver?]( : [How to update drivers on Windows 10]( : [How to disable automatic driver updates on Windows 10]( : [Why You Should Update Your Graphics Drivers]( : [Why You Need to Update Your Drivers]( : [How to Fix Windows 10 Driver Compatibility Issues]( : [How to Fix Unknown Devices Showing Up in Device Manager]( : [How to Update Drivers on Windows 10]( : [The Dangers of Downloading Unknown Device Drivers]( :

[How to Backup and Restore Device Drivers in Windows 10](

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