Windows 11 Wake-Up Call: Quick Fixes for Slow Starters


“Why is my Windows 11 computer, which is approximately 3-4 years old and not critically low on storage space, experiencing delayed startup times? Upon booting, the desktop appears without the taskbar for about 20 seconds, followed by an update-like screen which then disappears, allowing the system to start normally. What could be causing this issue, and how might I resolve it?”


Experiencing a delay during the startup of your Windows 11 computer can be frustrating, especially when the system is relatively new and not facing any critical storage issues. The symptoms you’ve described—where the desktop appears without the taskbar, followed by a screen reminiscent of an update process—suggest a few potential causes and corresponding solutions.


Startup Applications

: Over time, as you install more applications, some may set themselves to launch at startup, which can significantly slow down the boot process.


System File Configuration

: Changes in system files or configurations, possibly due to updates or other alterations, might be affecting the startup routine.


Drive Performance

: Even if your storage isn’t full, the type of drive (HDD vs. SSD) and its condition can impact startup speed.

Suggested Solutions:

  • Clean Boot

    : Performing a clean boot can help identify if third-party services are causing the slowdown.

  • Disable Startup Apps

    : Use Task Manager to disable unnecessary startup applications.

  • Fast Startup Feature

    : Ensure the ‘Fast Startup’ option is enabled in your power settings.

  • Disk Cleanup

    : Run a disk cleanup to remove temporary and unnecessary files that could be slowing down the system.

  • System Updates

    : Check for and install any pending Windows updates, as they may contain fixes for performance issues.

  • Hardware Check

    : If your computer uses an HDD, consider upgrading to an SSD for faster boot times.

  • Conclusion:

    The delayed startup of your Windows 11 computer is likely due to a combination of software and possibly hardware factors. By methodically going through the suggested solutions, you should be able to identify the cause and improve your system’s startup time. Remember, regular maintenance, such as cleaning up startup applications and performing disk cleanups, can help keep your computer running smoothly.

    This article format provides a structured approach to diagnosing and resolving the issue of delayed startup times on a Windows 11 computer. It’s tailored to address the specific symptoms you’ve encountered and offers practical steps to enhance your system’s performance..

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