Wii’s Rare Finds: Gaming’s Most Elusive Titles


Could you identify the most elusive titles within the Wii Device Library’s collection?


: This compilation includes all three critically acclaimed Metroid Prime games, remastered with updated controls for the Wii. Its limited release has made it a collector’s item.

“Xenoblade Chronicles”

: Known for its expansive world and intricate story, this RPG has a dedicated fanbase, making original copies harder to find.

“The Last Story”

: As one of the final games released for the Wii, this RPG has a smaller print run, contributing to its rarity.

“Pandora’s Tower”

: This action RPG combines real-time combat with a dark, engaging narrative. It’s another title that had a limited print run, increasing its scarcity.

“Kirby’s Dream Collection”

: Celebrating Kirby’s 20th anniversary, this collection includes six classic Kirby titles and is packed with extra content, making it a rare find.

“Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn”

: As the sequel to “Path of Radiance,” this tactical RPG is known for its challenging gameplay and has become a rare gem due to its limited production.

“Wii Sports Resort”

: While not rare in the traditional sense, complete copies with the required MotionPlus accessory can be harder to come by.

These titles represent just a glimpse into the Wii’s vast library, where many more hidden treasures await discovery. Collectors often seek out these games not only for their gameplay but also for their historical and nostalgic value within the Wii Device Library’s collection..

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