Why Your Games Keep Exiting Without Errors and What to Do About It


What causes games to exit randomly without errors and how can I prevent it?

I have a custom-built PC that runs games smoothly, but sometimes they just close to the desktop without any error messages. I have tried various solutions online, such as updating drivers and checking GPU temperature, but nothing worked. I recently discovered that the problem was related to GeForce Experience and Nvidia Control Panel, two programs that come with Nvidia graphics cards. They seem to interfere with the games and open automatically when I launch them. I have to close them manually from the system tray every time, but sometimes they reopen by themselves. I am thinking of uninstalling them completely, but I wonder why they cause this issue and if there is a better way to fix it.


If you are a PC gamer, you may have encountered a frustrating problem: your games suddenly close to the desktop without any error messages, interrupting your gameplay and progress. This can happen with any game, regardless of the genre, graphics, or system requirements. You may have tried various solutions online, such as updating drivers, checking GPU temperature, or reinstalling the games, but nothing worked. What could be the cause of this mysterious issue?

One possible culprit is GeForce Experience, a software that comes with Nvidia graphics cards. GeForce Experience is designed to optimize your gaming performance, keep your drivers up to date, and provide in-game features such as screenshots, recording, and streaming. However, some users have reported that GeForce Experience can also cause games to crash randomly, especially if it has an overlay feature enabled. This feature allows you to access GeForce Experience settings and features while playing a game, but it can also interfere with the game’s stability and compatibility.

Another possible culprit is Nvidia Control Panel, a software that allows you to adjust various settings for your graphics card, such as resolution, refresh rate, and 3D effects. Nvidia Control Panel can also cause games to crash randomly, especially if it has a program-specific setting that conflicts with the game’s default setting. For example, if you have enabled anti-aliasing or anisotropic filtering for a game in Nvidia Control Panel, but the game does not support or require these settings, it may cause the game to malfunction and exit.

So, how can you prevent these issues and enjoy your games without interruptions? Here are some possible solutions:

  • Disable the overlay feature in GeForce Experience. To do this, open GeForce Experience, click on the gear icon in the top right corner, go to the General tab, and toggle off the In-Game Overlay option. This will prevent GeForce Experience from opening automatically when you launch a game, and also free up some system resources.
  • Close GeForce Experience and Nvidia Control Panel from the system tray before playing a game. To do this, right-click on the GeForce Experience or Nvidia Control Panel icon in the bottom right corner of your screen, and select Exit or Close. This will ensure that these programs do not run in the background and interfere with your games.
  • Uninstall GeForce Experience and Nvidia Control Panel completely. If you do not use these programs regularly, or if the previous solutions do not work, you can uninstall them from your computer. To do this, go to the Control Panel, click on Uninstall a program, find GeForce Experience and Nvidia Control Panel in the list, and click on Uninstall. This will remove these programs and their associated files from your system. You can still update your drivers manually by downloading them from the Nvidia website.
  • Reset the program-specific settings in Nvidia Control Panel. If you have customized the settings for a specific game in Nvidia Control Panel, you may want to reset them to the default values. To do this, open Nvidia Control Panel, click on Manage 3D settings, go to the Program Settings tab, select the game from the drop-down menu, and click on Restore. This will revert the settings to the optimal values for the game.

By following these solutions, you may be able to fix the problem of games exiting randomly without errors and enjoy your gaming experience without any hassle. However, if the problem persists, you may want to check other possible causes, such as corrupted game files, outdated Windows updates, or hardware issues. You can also contact the game developer or Nvidia support for further assistance.

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