Why Your Asus Transformer Tablet May Split Open and How to Prevent It


What are the possible causes and consequences of an Asus transformer tablet cracking open from the internal pressure?

This question sounds more formal and specific, and it invites an expert to explain the underlying factors and implications of the tablet’s condition.


An Asus transformer tablet is a hybrid device that can function as both a laptop and a tablet, depending on the mode of use. It has a detachable keyboard and a touchscreen display that can rotate 360 degrees. The tablet part of the device contains most of the hardware components, such as the battery, the processor, the memory, and the storage.

One of the possible causes of an Asus transformer tablet cracking open from the internal pressure is a battery swelling. Battery swelling is a phenomenon that occurs when the lithium-ion cells inside the battery expand due to excessive heat, overcharging, physical damage, or aging. The swelling can cause the battery to deform and push against the casing of the device, creating cracks or gaps in the tablet’s body.

Another possible cause of an Asus transformer tablet cracking open from the internal pressure is a faulty hinge. The hinge is the mechanism that connects the tablet and the keyboard, and allows the tablet to rotate and fold. The hinge is composed of several parts, such as screws, springs, wires, and plastic covers. If any of these parts are loose, broken, or misaligned, the hinge can malfunction and exert excessive force on the tablet, causing it to crack or split open.

The consequences of an Asus transformer tablet cracking open from the internal pressure can be serious and harmful. Depending on the severity of the damage, the tablet may lose some or all of its functionality, such as the touchscreen, the camera, the speakers, or the ports. The tablet may also expose the user to electrical shocks, fire hazards, or toxic chemicals from the battery or the circuit board. Moreover, the tablet may become unsafe to use or repair, as the internal pressure may cause further cracks or explosions.

Therefore, it is advisable to stop using the tablet immediately and contact the manufacturer or a professional technician for assistance. The tablet may need to be replaced or recycled depending on the extent of the damage and the warranty status. The user should also avoid any actions that may worsen the situation, such as applying pressure, heat, or water to the tablet, or attempting to open or fix it by themselves.


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