Why Some Apps Don’t Work on Chromebook and How to Fix Them


I am having trouble with some apps on my Chromebook. Whenever I try to open Roblox, it crashes. Whenever I try to download Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, or Spotify from the app store, it either fails or shows an error message saying “can’t reach page”. I have updated my Chromebook several times and restarted it, but nothing seems to work. What could be the reason for these issues and how can I fix them?


How to Fix App Issues on Chromebook

Chromebooks are popular devices that run on Chrome OS, a web-based operating system that allows you to access various online services and apps. However, some users may encounter problems with certain apps on their Chromebooks, such as Roblox, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, or Spotify. These apps may crash, fail to download, or show error messages when trying to access them. In this article, we will explain some of the possible reasons for these issues and how to fix them.

There are several factors that could cause app issues on your Chromebook, such as:

  • Compatibility: Not all apps are compatible with Chrome OS or your specific Chromebook model. Some apps may require certain hardware or software features that your Chromebook does not have, such as a camera, microphone, touchscreen, or Android support. You can check the compatibility of an app by looking at its description or reviews on the app store or the web.
  • Storage: Your Chromebook may not have enough storage space to download or run certain apps. Chromebooks typically have limited internal storage, ranging from 16 GB to 64 GB, which can fill up quickly if you have many apps, files, or extensions. You can check your storage space by going to Settings > Device > Storage management. You can free up some space by deleting or moving some of your files or apps to an external drive or cloud service.
  • Internet: Your Chromebook may not have a stable or fast internet connection to download or access certain apps. Some apps may require a high-speed or constant internet connection to function properly, such as online games, streaming services, or social media platforms. You can check your internet speed by using an online tool such as [speedtest.net](https://www.speedtest.net/). You can improve your internet connection by moving closer to your router, switching to a different network, or using an ethernet cable.
  • Updates: Your Chromebook or your apps may not be updated to the latest version, which could cause some bugs or compatibility issues. Chrome OS and apps are constantly updated to fix errors, improve performance, and add new features. You can check for updates by going to Settings > About Chrome OS > Check for updates. You can also update your apps by going to the app store or the web and looking for the update option.
  • How to Fix App Issues on Chromebook

    Depending on the reason for your app issues, you can try some of the following solutions to fix them:

  • Restart your Chromebook: Sometimes, a simple restart can solve many app issues, as it clears the cache, closes the background processes, and refreshes the system. To restart your Chromebook, you can either press and hold the power button until it shuts down, or go to Settings > Power > Restart.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app: If an app is crashing, failing to download, or showing error messages, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling it. This can fix any corrupted or missing files, reset the app settings, and update the app to the latest version. To uninstall an app, you can either right-click on its icon and select Uninstall, or go to Settings > Apps > Manage your apps and find the app you want to remove. To reinstall an app, you can either go to the app store or the web and search for the app you want to download, or go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > My apps & games and find the app you want to install.
  • Clear the app data and cache: If an app is running slowly, freezing, or not loading properly, you can try clearing its data and cache. This can free up some storage space, remove any temporary or outdated files, and improve the app performance. To clear the app data and cache, you can go to Settings > Apps > Manage your apps and find the app you want to clear. Then, click on Storage & cache and select Clear storage and Clear cache.
  • Check the app permissions: If an app is not working as expected, such as not accessing your camera, microphone, or location, you can try checking its permissions. Permissions are settings that allow or deny an app to access certain features or information on your Chromebook. To check the app permissions, you can go to Settings > Apps > Manage your apps and find the app you want to check. Then, click on Permissions and toggle on or off the permissions you want to grant or revoke.
  • Contact the app developer: If none of the above solutions work, you can try contacting the app developer for further assistance. The app developer is the person or company that created and maintains the app. They may be able to provide you with more specific or updated information, instructions, or solutions for your app issues. To contact the app developer, you can either go to the app store or the web and look for their contact details, such as an email address, a phone number, or a website. You can also leave a feedback or a review on the app store or the web and describe your app issues and your device information.
  • Conclusion


issues on Chromebook can be frustrating and inconvenient, but they can also be fixed with some simple steps. By following the tips and solutions in this article, you can hopefully resolve your app issues and enjoy using your Chromebook and your apps. However, if you still have app issues or have any questions, feel free to contact us or the app developer for more help. Thank you for reading and have a great day! 😊

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