What to Do If Your Samsung Galaxy A42 5G Stops Charging From Normal Chargers But Still Charges From a Laptop Charger


What could cause a Samsung Galaxy A42 5G to stop charging from standard phone chargers, but still charge from a 65W USB C laptop charger?

I have been using a Samsung Galaxy A42 5G for about three years without any issues. However, recently it stopped charging from any of the phone chargers I tried, including different cords, blocks, and outlets. The only charger that works is a 65W USB C laptop charger, which I have been using to keep the phone alive. I also bought a new 65W charger and cable, but they did not work either. The phone behaves strangely when plugged into a standard phone charger: the screen flashes on and off every 30 seconds, as if the phone is constantly being plugged in and out. This does not happen with the laptop charger. I cannot afford to buy a new phone at the moment. What could be the reason for this problem, and how can I fix it? I appreciate any expert advice. Thank you.


The Samsung Galaxy A42 5G is a smartphone that supports both standard and fast charging. Standard charging uses a 5V/2A output, while fast charging uses a 9V/2.77A or 15V/1.67A output. The phone can automatically detect the type of charger and adjust the charging speed accordingly. However, sometimes the phone may encounter some issues that prevent it from charging properly from standard chargers, but still allow it to charge from fast chargers. Here are some possible causes and solutions for this problem:

  • Damaged or dirty charging port: The charging port of the phone may be damaged by physical impact, water, dust, or corrosion. This can affect the connection between the phone and the charger, resulting in slow or no charging. To fix this, you can try to clean the charging port with a soft brush, a toothpick, or a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. You can also try to gently wiggle the cable to see if it makes a difference. If the charging port is severely damaged, you may need to replace it at a service center.
  • Faulty or incompatible charger or cable: The charger or cable that you are using may be faulty, damaged, or incompatible with your phone. This can cause the phone to not recognize the charger or cable, or to receive insufficient power. To fix this, you can try to use a different charger or cable that is compatible with your phone. You can also check the output voltage and current of the charger or cable with a multimeter or a USB tester. If the charger or cable is faulty or damaged, you may need to buy a new one. It is recommended to use the original or certified chargers and cables for your phone.
  • Software glitch or bug: The software of the phone may have a glitch or bug that interferes with the charging process. This can cause the phone to not detect the charger or cable, or to charge erratically. To fix this, you can try to restart the phone, update the software, or reset the settings. You can also try to boot the phone into safe mode or recovery mode and see if it charges normally. If the problem is caused by a software glitch or bug, it should be resolved by these methods.
  • Battery degradation or damage: The battery of the phone may be degraded or damaged by age, overuse, overheating, or overcharging. This can affect the battery capacity, performance, and health. To fix this, you can try to calibrate the battery by draining it completely and then charging it to 100% without interruption. You can also check the battery status with an app like AccuBattery or Samsung Members. If the battery is degraded or damaged, you may need to replace it at a service center.
  • These are some of the common causes and solutions for the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G not charging from standard chargers, but still charging from fast chargers. If none of these methods work, you may have a more serious problem with your phone’s hardware or software. In that case, you should contact Samsung’s customer support or visit a service center for further assistance. We hope this article was helpful and informative. Thank you for reading.


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