VMware Cloud Foundation Pricing: Expert Insights into Market Comparisons


Could you provide an expert evaluation of the quoted per-core subscription cost for VMware Cloud Foundation, which is approximately \$435 per core for a configuration of ten nodes with thirty-two cores each, under a one-year commitment without the benefit of multi-year discounting? Does this pricing align with the current market rates observed by others?


When assessing the subscription cost for VMware Cloud Foundation, quoted at approximately


per core, several factors must be considered to determine its alignment with the market rates. The configuration in question involves ten nodes with thirty-two cores each, under a one-year commitment without multi-year discounts.

Market Comparison

The current market rates for VMware Cloud Foundation subscriptions can vary based on several factors, including the number of cores, the length of the subscription, and any additional features or services included. As of the latest data, VMware Cloud Foundation subscriptions are available for predefined periods of one or three years, with the option to purchase new subscriptions or upgrade existing licenses.

Cost Analysis

For a configuration of ten nodes with thirty-two cores each, the total core count amounts to 320 cores. At the quoted price of


per core, the annual cost would be \$139,200. This pricing must be weighed against the value of the included services, such as VMware┬« Tanzu Standard Runtime Edition, and the benefits of VMware’s software-defined technologies.

Expert Opinion

Based on the information available and the current market trends, a per-core price of


appears to be within a competitive range, especially considering the comprehensive suite of services provided by VMware Cloud Foundation. However, it is crucial for organizations to conduct a thorough cost-benefit analysis, taking into account their specific needs and usage patterns.


While the quoted price of


per core may initially seem steep, it is important to consider the long-term value and the potential return on investment that VMware Cloud Foundation offers. Organizations should also explore various purchasing options and potential discounts that may be available through different sellers or by committing to longer subscription periods.

In conclusion, the quoted price for VMware Cloud Foundation is in line with the expert evaluation of current market rates, provided that the subscription includes the full stack of services and support that typically accompanies VMware products. Organizations are encouraged to engage with VMware sales representatives or partners to negotiate the best possible terms for their specific circumstances.

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