Version 5.2 Blues: Searching for Dell’s Updated ADMX Files


In the version 5.2 update, Dell introduced several new features and enhanced security compliance. However, it appears that the updated ADMX files mentioned in the changelog were not included in the update. Could you clarify why the ADMX folder was missing after installation, even though it was expected to be part of the update? Additionally, could you confirm if the new features are accessible within the application, as only one new feature seems to be visible?


With the release of version 5.2, Dell promised its users a suite of new features alongside enhancements in security compliance. The anticipation was palpable, as the changelog teased the inclusion of updated ADMX files—a crucial component for IT administrators to manage group policies effectively.

However, post-installation, users were left puzzled as the ADMX folder was conspicuously absent. This omission raises questions about the delivery and implementation of the promised features. Why were the ADMX files, which are integral to the deployment of new policies, not included in the update as indicated?

The absence of the ADMX folder could be attributed to several factors. It might be a simple oversight in the deployment process, or perhaps a last-minute retraction due to unforeseen issues with the files themselves. It’s also possible that the files were intended for a subsequent update, and their mention in the changelog was premature.

Moreover, users have reported that only one new feature is visible within the application, despite the update purporting to offer more. This discrepancy between the changelog and the actual update content is a cause for concern. It suggests a disconnect between the development team’s intentions and the final product delivered to the end-users.

To address these concerns, Dell would need to provide a transparent explanation for the missing ADMX files. Additionally, a clear roadmap for the availability of the new features would help reassure users that the update fulfills its intended purpose.

In conclusion, while the version 5.2 update from Dell brings with it the promise of innovation and improved security, the execution seems to have fallen short. The missing ADMX files and the limited visibility of new features within the application are issues that Dell must promptly and effectively resolve to maintain trust and satisfaction among its user base.

I hope this article provides a comprehensive answer to the question posed. If you need further information or assistance, feel free to ask!

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