Unraveling the Connectivity Conundrum of the Redragon Phantom Pro K629-CGO


“Could you provide expert advice on troubleshooting a Redragon Phantom Pro K629-CGO mechanical keyboard that has recently started experiencing connectivity issues? Despite having three connection modes—Bluetooth, 2.4G dongle, and USB-C cable—the keyboard now only maintains a stable connection via the 2.4G dongle. When connected via USB-C, it disconnects after a few minutes, and the Bluetooth mode fails to initiate pairing. I’ve attempted a manual reset, tested on different computers, checked power settings, and ensured no liquid damage to the PCB. What could be causing these problems, and how can they be resolved?”


Connectivity issues with mechanical keyboards can be frustrating, especially when the device offers multiple connection modes. The Redragon Phantom Pro K629-CGO is no exception, and understanding the root cause of such problems is key to finding a solution.

The K629-CGO model features three connection modes: Bluetooth,


4G dongle, and USB-C cable. It’s reported that only the


4G dongle connection is stable, while the USB-C connection fails after a short period, and the Bluetooth mode doesn’t pair at all.

Possible Causes:


USB-C Connection Issues:

  • Faulty USB-C Cable:

    The cable might be damaged or not properly connected.

  • Power Management Settings:

    The computer might be turning off the device to save power.

  • Driver Conflicts:

    Outdated or corrupted drivers can cause disconnection issues.

  • 2.

    Bluetooth Pairing Failures:

  • Bluetooth Driver Issues:

    The Bluetooth drivers might need updating or reinstallation.

  • Interference:

    Other wireless devices can interfere with the Bluetooth signal.

  • Hardware Malfunction:

    The keyboard’s Bluetooth module may be faulty.

  • Troubleshooting Steps:


    For USB-C Issues:

    • Try a different USB-C cable to rule out cable damage.
    • Check the power management settings for USB ports in the device manager and BIOS.
    • Update the USB and chipset drivers from the motherboard manufacturer’s website.
    • 2.

    For Bluetooth Issues:

    • Update or reinstall Bluetooth drivers.
    • Remove other wireless devices to check for interference.
    • Try pairing the keyboard with another Bluetooth-capable device to test the keyboard’s Bluetooth module.

    Advanced Troubleshooting:

  • Manual Reset:

    You’ve already tried the FN+ESC reset, but it’s worth repeating after other troubleshooting steps.

  • Firmware Update:

    Check if there’s a firmware update available specifically for the K629-CGO model.

  • Professional Inspection:

    If the issue persists, the keyboard may need to be inspected by a professional to check for internal damage, especially considering the previous liquid spill incident.

  • Conclusion:

    By systematically addressing each potential cause, you can narrow down the issue. If all else fails, seeking professional help or contacting Redragon customer support may be the best course of action. Remember, electronic devices can sometimes behave unpredictably, and patience is key to resolving such issues.

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