Unlocking Advanced Productivity: XMBC Customization for Dual Screens


Could you guide me on configuring Portable X-Mouse Button Control for a multi-monitor setup?


In today’s multi-tasking world, having multiple monitors can significantly boost productivity. Portable X-Mouse Button Control (XMBC) is a powerful tool that can enhance this experience by allowing you to customize mouse buttons for different applications and across multiple screens. Here’s how you can configure XMBC for a multi-monitor setup:

Step 1: Install XMBC

Firstly, ensure you have the latest version of Portable XMBC installed on your system. This ensures compatibility with the most recent operating systems and features.

Step 2: Access the Configuration

Open XMBC and navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu. Here, you’ll find options to configure your mouse buttons.

Step 3: Set Up Profiles

For a multi-monitor setup, it’s beneficial to create profiles for each monitor. Click on ‘Add’ to create a new profile, and name it according to the specific monitor or task.

Step 4: Assign Monitor-Specific Actions

Within each profile, you can assign actions to your mouse buttons that are specific to the monitor you’re using. For example, you might want a certain button to launch a program on Monitor 1 and open a file on Monitor 2.

Step 5: Configure Layered Commands

XMBC allows for layered commands, which means you can have different actions occur based on the active window or application. This is particularly useful when working with multiple monitors, as you can have context-sensitive button functions.

Step 6: Save and Test

After configuring your settings, save the profile. It’s important to test each profile to ensure the mouse buttons perform as expected on each monitor.

Step 7: Utilize the ‘Copy to’ Feature

If you have similar settings across monitors, use the ‘Copy to’ feature to replicate profiles, saving time and ensuring consistency.


With Portable XMBC, tailoring your mouse functionality to a multi-monitor environment can lead to a more intuitive and efficient workflow. By setting up specific profiles and actions for each screen, you can navigate seamlessly between tasks and boost your productivity.

Remember, the key to a successful configuration is experimentation and customization to fit your specific needs and workflow.

I hope this guide helps you optimize your Portable X-Mouse Button Control setup for your multi-monitor workstation! If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, feel free to ask.

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