Unified BookReader: A Seamless Reading Experience on All Your Devices


Is there a feature within Unified BookReader that allows for the synchronization of reading progress across multiple devices?


When you finish a reading session, the Unified BookReader automatically saves your current page, bookmarks, notes, and highlights to the cloud. The next time you open the book on any other device with the app installed and logged in to your account, it retrieves your latest progress from the cloud.


  • Continuity:

    No more trying to remember where you left off or manually syncing devices.

  • Convenience:

    Switch between devices without interruption to your reading experience.

  • Productivity:

    Make the most of your time by reading whenever and wherever you want.

  • Setting it up:

    To enable this feature, simply log in to your Unified BookReader account on each device. The app will guide you through a quick setup process to link your devices to the cloud service.

    Privacy and Security:

    Your reading data is encrypted and stored securely, ensuring that your privacy is maintained. Only you have access to your synchronized reading progress.

    In conclusion, the synchronization feature in Unified BookReader adds a layer of convenience and flexibility for avid readers, making it a standout choice for those who love to read across multiple devices. Happy reading!

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