Twizla: The Art of Ice Dancing’s Signature Spin


Could you elucidate whether the term ‘Twizla’ refers to a specific style or step within the realm of dance?


The twizzle requires skaters to rotate on one foot while maintaining continuous movement across the ice. Unlike stationary spins in figure skating, twizzles are dynamic, with skaters moving forward or backward as they turn. This move is not only a test of technical skill but also of the skaters’ ability to stay in sync when performed in pairs.

Ice dancers are judged on the synchronization of their twizzles, the number of rotations, and the overall smoothness and flow of the movement. The twizzle can be performed at varying speeds and can include changes in level and arm positions, adding to its difficulty and artistic impression.

In essence, the twizzle is a distinctive and challenging element that showcases the agility and coordination of ice dancers, contributing to the elegance and grace that define this discipline of figure skating.

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