Top Free Tools for Bulk Barcode Generation: A Comprehensive Guide


Could you recommend any complimentary software that facilitates the mass printing of barcodes?


BarTender offers a free version of their label making software, which is perfect for creating professional labels and barcodes. It provides flexible design options and impressive print performance. The free edition also allows you to test out advanced features from their Professional, Automation, and Enterprise Editions.

GoodFirms’ List of Open Source Barcode Software

GoodFirms has compiled a list of the best free and open source barcode software. These tools can simplify, automate, and expedite the entire barcode creation and printing process, aligning with organizational, industrial, and international standards.

OnlineLabels’ Free Barcode Generator

This tool allows you to create print-ready barcodes for product labeling, inventory control, shipping, and more. It supports various barcode formats and is ideal for generating labels that are ready to print.

Bulk Barcode Generator

If you need to generate multiple barcodes at once, this online tool can be quite handy. It supports a wide range of barcode symbologies and allows you to print them directly from the website.


MegaBarcode offers a free online barcode generator that is user-friendly and efficient for creating a variety of barcode types.

These tools are designed to be user-friendly and cater to those who may not have extensive technical knowledge. They can help you generate large quantities of barcodes quickly and easily, ensuring that your products are ready for sale, distribution, or any other business needs you may have. Remember to choose the software that best fits your specific requirements and hardware compatibility.

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