Top Add-Ins to Enhance Your Expression Web Design Experience


Could you recommend the most essential add-ins for designers using Expression Web?


This add-in is a boon for designers looking to create professional-looking CSS-based drop-down menus without delving into complex coding. It offers a wide range of styles and configurations to suit various design needs.

2. Pure CSS Menu Add-In

For those who prefer a more streamlined approach, the Pure CSS Menu add-in provides a simple yet effective way to implement navigation menus. It’s lightweight and fully customizable.

3. Lightbox Expression Web Add-In

A must-have for any web designer, this add-in allows you to incorporate lightbox functionality into your web pages, enabling visitors to view images and videos in an overlay on the current page.

4. Ajaxtix Expression Web Addins

These add-ins are versatile and compatible with multiple versions of Expression Web. They include functionalities that range from FrontPage conversions to advanced menu systems.

5. SEO XML Sitemap Add-In

SEO is crucial for any website, and this add-in helps designers by automatically generating an XML sitemap, making it easier for search engines to crawl and index the site.

6. Insert Bing Map Add-In

If your website requires a geographical touch, the Insert Bing Map add-in is perfect. It allows you to easily embed interactive Bing maps into your web pages.

7. Payment Buttons for PayPal by WebAssist

For e-commerce sites, integrating payment options is essential. This add-in simplifies the process by providing ready-to-use PayPal buttons for quick implementation.

8. SlapShot for Expression Web 4

This add-in is designed to enhance productivity by providing shortcuts and tools that streamline the design process within Expression Web.

9. Right Mouse Click Prevention by JD_MSFT

Protect your website content with this add-in that disables right-click functionality, deterring users from copying text or images.

10. Search for Bing by WebAssist

Enhance your site’s search capabilities with this add-in that integrates Bing search, offering visitors a powerful tool to find content within your site.

These add-ins not only boost the capabilities of Expression Web but also save time and effort for designers, allowing them to focus on the creative aspects of web design. Remember to always check compatibility with your version of Expression Web and to back up your work before installing new add-ins. Happy designing!

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