The Uninstall Tool’s Alias: Revealing its Process Name in Task Manager


Could you provide the process name associated with the Uninstall Tool software as it appears in the Task Manager? I’m seeking this information to better understand the software’s operation and management.


When managing applications on a Windows system, it’s crucial to recognize the processes associated with different software in the Task Manager. This knowledge allows for better system management and troubleshooting. One such application that might pique the interest of users is the Uninstall Tool, a third-party software designed to remove programs and leftovers more effectively than the standard Windows uninstaller.

Identifying the Process

The process name for the Uninstall Tool, as it would appear in the Task Manager, can vary depending on how the uninstaller was created. Typically, uninstallers generated using certain frameworks like NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) may not have a fixed process name. Instead, they are often named dynamically with a prefix like ‘Au_.exe’, ‘Bu_.exe’, and so on, iterating through the alphabet based on the number of instances launched.

Why the Dynamic Naming?

This dynamic naming convention is a result of the uninstaller being copied to a temporary folder when initiated. The executable then runs from this location, which leads to the generic naming pattern. However, developers have the option to customize this behavior by manually copying the uninstaller to a preferred directory and executing it from there, which allows the process to retain the name of the uninstaller executable.

Implications for Users

For users seeking to identify the Uninstall Tool process in the Task Manager, this means that the exact name may not be immediately apparent. It requires understanding that the process may not be listed under ‘Uninstall Tool’ or a similar predictable name. Instead, users should look for a process that begins with a letter followed by an underscore and ‘.exe’, such as ‘Au_.exe’.


In conclusion, the process name associated with the Uninstall Tool in the Task Manager is not static but rather follows a pattern that can be recognized with the right insights. By being aware of this naming convention, users can effectively monitor and manage the Uninstall Tool’s operation on their systems.

I hope this article provides clarity on the process name of the Uninstall Tool in the Task Manager and aids in your understanding of the software’s operation and management. If you have any further questions or need additional information, feel free to ask!.

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