“The Ultimate Guide to Viewing Your AXIS Cameras on Mobile”


Is there a mobile application available that allows for viewing footage from the AXIS Camera Station?


The AXIS Camera Station mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices, and it can be downloaded from their respective app stores. Once installed, the app allows you to connect to your AXIS Camera Station server, enabling you to access live views and recordings from anywhere. This is particularly useful for security personnel, business owners, or anyone who needs to monitor their property remotely.

  • Mobile Access:

    Connect to multiple systems for a comprehensive view of your surveillance setup.

  • Timeline Visualization:

    Quickly find and review recorded events with an intuitive timeline interface.

  • Export Recordings:

    Save important footage directly from the app for later review or evidence.

  • Live View Streaming:

    Choose from different streaming profiles to optimize for quality or speed.

  • Two-Way Audio:

    Communicate with individuals at the camera location in real-time through the app.

  • Door Station Calls:

    Respond to calls from Axis door stations directly through your mobile device.

  • Action Buttons:

    Play pre-recorded audio messages, control I/O devices, and more with customizable action buttons.

  • PTZ Control:

    Use mechanical and digital PTZ presets for fast navigation across camera views.

  • 360 Camera Dewarping:

    Get a clear view by dewarping the fisheye lens footage from 360-degree cameras.

  • The app also supports custom views, allowing users to tailor their monitoring experience to their specific needs. Whether it’s a single camera view or a split-screen layout, the app provides the flexibility to monitor your cameras as you see fit.

    Setting Up the App:

    Setting up the AXIS Camera Station mobile app is straightforward. You’ll need to have AXIS Camera Station version 5.19 or later installed on your server. The app guides you through the process of connecting to your server, whether it’s on a local network or accessible through Axis Secure Remote Access.

    User Experience and Support:

    Users have found the AXIS Camera Station mobile app to be a valuable tool for easy and efficient video surveillance and access control. However, like any software, it may occasionally encounter bugs or issues. AXIS Communications actively addresses these concerns and provides updates to enhance the app’s performance and user experience. For any technical support, users can contact the AXIS support team for assistance.

    In conclusion, the AXIS Camera Station mobile app is a robust solution for those requiring remote access to their surveillance systems. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features make it an essential tool for modern security management.

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