The Ultimate Guide to Data Retrieval from a Broken Samsung S10


“As an expert in mobile technology, I seek your guidance on retrieving data from a non-functional Samsung S10. The device is inoperable due to charging issues, power failure, and severe screen damage. I am considering disassembling the unit to access its internal storage. Is there a method to establish a physical connection with the storage component to facilitate data extraction? Alternatively, I’ve contemplated substituting the storage into a functioning S10, but this seems cost-prohibitive. Could you propose a more viable solution?”


When faced with a non-functional Samsung S10, extracting data can seem daunting, especially when the device suffers from charging issues, power failure, and screen damage. However, there are several methods to retrieve your valuable data without resorting to costly measures like swapping internal storage with a working device.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that modern smartphones, including the Samsung S10, use integrated storage solutions. Unlike traditional computers, they do not have a ‘hard drive’ that can be easily removed or swapped. The S10 utilizes Universal Flash Storage (UFS), which is soldered directly onto the phone’s motherboard.

Professional Data Recovery Services

Given the integrated nature of smartphone storage, establishing a physical connection to the storage component is not straightforward. It typically requires specialized equipment and expertise. This is where professional data recovery services come in. These experts have the tools and cleanroom environments to safely dismantle your phone and work directly with the motherboard to attempt data recovery.

DIY Approaches: Risks and Limitations

If you’re considering a DIY approach by disassembling the phone, be aware that this carries significant risks. Without the proper tools and expertise, you could cause further damage to the storage component, making data recovery even more difficult or impossible.

Software Solutions

Before attempting any physical intervention, explore software solutions. If your phone still has some functionality, data recovery software can sometimes access the device through a computer. If the phone is completely dead, however, these software options won’t be viable.

Preventive Measures

For future reference, regularly backing up your data to cloud services or an external storage device can prevent the loss of important information in such situations.


In conclusion, while swapping the storage component with a working S10 is theoretically possible, it’s not practical due to the complexity and cost. Your best course of action is to consult with a professional data recovery service. They can provide a tailored solution based on the specific damage to your device and the type of data you need to recover. Remember, the success of data recovery can never be guaranteed, so always back up your data regularly to mitigate the risks of data loss.

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