The Truth About Moving Installed Software with EMCO MoveOnBoot


“Is it possible for EMCO MoveOnBoot to relocate programs after they’ve been installed?”


EMCO MoveOnBoot is a utility designed to manage files that are otherwise locked during the normal operation of Windows. It allows users to delete, move, or rename files and folders that are locked by the system or other applications by scheduling these operations for the next system reboot.

When it comes to relocating installed programs, the situation becomes a bit more complex. Installed programs often have multiple files and registry entries that are critical for their operation, and these components are usually spread across different system directories. Simply moving the program files from one location to another could break the program because the system and the program itself expect these files to be in specific locations.

EMCO MoveOnBoot operates within certain limitations. It can manage files and folders on the same disk and cannot move resources to another disk or manage resources on external drives. This means that while EMCO MoveOnBoot can technically move program files at a file system level, doing so for installed programs is not recommended as it can lead to program instability or failure.

In summary, while EMCO MoveOnBoot can move files and folders, including those related to installed programs, it is not designed to manage the complexities associated with relocating installed software. For such tasks, it’s better to use dedicated software migration tools that are specifically designed to handle the intricacies of installed applications.

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