The Truth About Modifying PDFs with Bytescout PDF Viewer


Is it possible to modify PDF documents using Bytescout PDF Viewer?


The primary purpose of Bytescout PDF Viewer is to provide a smooth and efficient way to preview PDF files. It includes features such as area selection, toolbar, multiple pages support, and zooming capabilities. These features are particularly useful for users who need to view and navigate through PDF documents quickly and easily.

For those looking to extract text from PDFs, Bytescout offers a separate tool called PDF Extractor SDK, which can handle text extraction, as well as the retrieval of tables, images, and attachments from PDF files. This tool is equipped with filters to manage noisy images and damaged texts, and it can convert the extracted data into common data structures like XLSX, CSV, or XML.

In terms of editing, while Bytescout PDF Viewer does not allow for direct modification of the content within a PDF file, it does support selection tools that can be useful for copying text or data out of a PDF document. Additionally, the viewer can be used to change selection options and apply custom painting on top of the displayed PDF, which can be beneficial for highlighting or marking up documents for review purposes.

To summarize, Bytescout PDF Viewer is an excellent choice for viewing and interacting with PDF documents, but if you need to edit or modify the content of a PDF file, you would need to use additional tools provided by Bytescout, such as the PDF Extractor SDK, which offers more advanced features for handling and transforming PDF content.

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