The Truth About CenterTaskbar’s Customization Capabilities


“Does CenterTaskbar offer additional taskbar customization options beyond centering icons?”


CenterTaskbar is a nifty tool designed to enhance the aesthetics of your Windows taskbar by centering the icons. But does it offer more than just a centered look? Let’s delve into what CenterTaskbar can do for your taskbar customization.

At its core, CenterTaskbar dynamically positions taskbar icons in the center, rather than the default alignment to the left. It uses the Windows UI Automation framework to monitor changes to the taskbar and adjust the centering position accordingly.

Beyond Centering: Customization Options

While CenterTaskbar’s primary function is to center taskbar icons, it does not inherently provide additional customization options. However, it supports animations that work with the TaskBar, such as mouse-over effects and taskbar thumbnail previews. For users looking to further customize their taskbar, third-party tools like TaskbarX or Stardock’s Start11 might be necessary. These tools offer icon styling options and can provide a similar start menu experience to Windows 11.

Settings and Adjustments

CenterTaskbar allows for some degree of control over its functionality. You can access the application’s settings by right-clicking on the system tray icon. Although limited, these settings include options like adjusting the refresh rate of the monitor and scanning for screens in a multi-monitor setup.


In summary, while CenterTaskbar does an excellent job at keeping your taskbar icons centered, it doesn’t offer a wide range of customization features. For users seeking more extensive taskbar personalization, exploring additional third-party applications would be the recommended route. CenterTaskbar remains a solid choice for those who prefer a clean, centered look without the need for extra bells and whistles.

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