The Truth About Automatic Report Generation in DTM Query Reporter


Is it possible to set up automatic report generation in DTM Query Reporter Standard?


The Standard edition allows users to create reports quickly by entering or loading their query and selecting the desired output format. While it supports basic report generation, it lacks the command line options and console mode available in the Professional edition, which are essential for full automation and scheduling.

Professional Edition for Full Automation:

For users looking to automate the report generation process, the Professional edition is the way to go. It includes command line parameters and console (unattended) mode, enabling the execution of reports by schedule or in unattended mode. This means you can set up your reports to be generated automatically at specified intervals without manual intervention.


In summary, if you’re using the Standard edition of DTM Query Reporter, you won’t be able to set up automatic report generation. To access automation features, an upgrade to the Professional edition is necessary. This upgrade will unlock the full potential of DTM Query Reporter, allowing you to automate your reporting process and save valuable time.

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