The Tech First Aid Kit: Rescuing Your Laptop from Liquid Damage


“Dear expert, I’ve had an unfortunate incident where approximately 20ml of cola was spilled on my MacBook Pro’s keyboard. I managed to address the spill swiftly and have since disconnected the laptop and set it aside to dry. Could you advise if there are any additional steps I should take to mitigate any potential damage? Moreover, what would be an appropriate duration to wait before attempting to use the laptop again? While I do have a scheduled visit to a computer repair shop on Monday, any expert guidance in the meantime would be greatly appreciated.”


Dear MacBook Pro user,

Firstly, it’s commendable that you acted quickly to clean the spill and have already planned a professional evaluation. Here are some steps you can take to further minimize potential damage:

: Ensure the MacBook Pro is completely powered off and disconnected from any power source.


Remove Excess Liquid

: Gently tilt the keyboard to drain any excess liquid. Avoid shaking, as this could spread the liquid to other components.


Dry Out

: You’ve done well by setting it aside to dry. Keep the MacBook Pro in a warm, dry place with good airflow. A fan can help circulate air around the keyboard.


Do Not Use Heat

: Avoid using a hairdryer or other heat sources, as this can cause additional damage.


Remove Keycaps

: If you’re comfortable doing so, carefully remove the keycaps to allow better airflow. Be sure to consult a guide specific to your MacBook model to avoid damage.


Absorbent Material

: Place a cloth or absorbent material over the keyboard to help draw out moisture.


Wait Before Powering On

: It’s crucial to wait until you’re confident the keyboard is completely dry. This could take at least 48 hours, but waiting until your Monday appointment is ideal.

If you notice any stickiness or malfunction after the repair shop visit, it may indicate that the cola has caused more extensive damage, possibly requiring parts replacement.

Remember, liquid spills can cause corrosion over time, so even if your MacBook Pro seems to function correctly after drying, it’s wise to have it checked by a professional.

Best regards,

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