The Story Behind www.ɡooɡ How We Bought It and How We Want to Use It


How can we use the domain name www.ɡooɡ for a positive or humorous purpose? We own this domain name, which is different from because it uses Unicode characters that look like Latin letters but are not. This is a form of Unicode domain spoofing, which is a security threat that can trick users into visiting malicious websites that mimic legitimate ones . We bought this and other similar domain names to prevent them from being used by bad actors, but we are not sure what to do with them. We are looking for creative suggestions from the r/sysadmin community on how to use this domain name for the greater good or for fun. Note: this is not a hyperlink trick, you can copy and paste the domain name to see for yourself: ɡooɡ


If you type www.ɡooɡ in your browser, you might think you are visiting the world’s most popular search engine. But look closely: the two “g”s in the domain name are not the same as the Latin letter “g”. They are actually Cyrillic letters that look very similar, but have a different Unicode code point. This is an example of Unicode domain spoofing, a technique that exploits the visual similarity of some Unicode characters to create deceptive domain names that can fool users into thinking they are visiting a trusted website, when in fact they are not.

This is a serious security issue, as malicious actors can use Unicode domain spoofing to create phishing websites that steal personal information, install malware, or perform other harmful actions. To prevent this from happening, some security-conscious people decided to buy www.ɡooɡ and other similar domain names, such as www.ᶠ, www.ᵃ, and www.ᵖ, to keep them out of the hands of bad actors. But now they face a dilemma: what to do with these domain names?

They are looking for creative ideas from the r/sysadmin community on how to use these domain names for a positive or humorous purpose. Here are some possible suggestions:

  • Use them as educational tools to raise awareness about Unicode domain spoofing and how to protect oneself from it. For example, www.ɡooɡ could redirect to a website that explains what Unicode domain spoofing is, how to spot it, and how to avoid it. It could also provide links to resources such as [UTR #36: Unicode Security Considerations], [FAQ – Security Issues – Unicode], and [What is domain spoofing? | Website and email spoofing], where users can learn more about this topic.
  • Use them as prank websites to have some fun with friends, family, or colleagues. For example, www.ɡooɡ could redirect to a website that looks like Google, but with some subtle or not-so-subtle changes, such as displaying funny or absurd search results, changing the logo or colors, or adding some Easter eggs or hidden messages. Of course, the prank website should also make it clear that it is not the real Google, and that it is not intended to harm or offend anyone.
  • Use them as charity websites to support a good cause. For example, www.ɡooɡ could redirect to a website that asks users to donate to a reputable organization that works on improving internet security, digital literacy, or human rights. The website could also explain how the donation will help the organization achieve its goals, and provide some success stories or testimonials from the beneficiaries.
  • Use them as art websites to showcase some creative or innovative works. For example, www.ɡooɡ could redirect to a website that displays some original or curated artworks that use Unicode characters in interesting or unexpected ways, such as typography, calligraphy, poetry, or animation. The website could also invite users to submit their own artworks, or to explore and interact with the existing ones.
  • These

are just some of the possible ways to use www.ɡooɡ and other similar domain names for a positive or humorous purpose. Do you have any other ideas? Share them with the r/sysadmin community and let us know what you think. And remember: always be careful and vigilant when you visit a website, and don’t let Unicode domain spoofing trick you.

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