The SSi Pro Channel Debate: Is It the Right Choice for Mastering?


Could an expert advise on the appropriateness of using SSi Pro Channel for track mastering purposes?


The SSi Pro Channel boasts an easy-to-use interface, which is crucial during the mastering process when precision and efficiency are key. Users appreciate its professional vintage analogue GUI design, which not only looks good but also contributes to an intuitive workflow.

Features Tailored for Mastering

With features like a customizable EQ section and a master section, the SSi Pro Channel allows for detailed sculpting of the audio spectrum and dynamic control, essential for mastering. The ability to use it on instrument tracks and the master buss indicates its flexibility and suitability for the final mastering stage.

Analogue Warmth and Character

One of the most sought-after qualities in mastering is the ‘analogue warmth,’ which the SSi Pro Channel emulates successfully. This warmth can glue the tracks together, giving the final mix a more cohesive and harmonious sound.

System Compatibility

It’s important to note that the SSi Pro Channel is currently only compatible with Windows operating systems and operates as a 32-bit plugin, though it can be bridged to work in 64-bit environments. This could be a limitation for some users, depending on their system setup.

Professional Endorsement

Discussions on professional forums suggest that while the SSi Pro Channel can be a valuable tool for mastering, it’s also recommended to focus on getting a great front-end during the tracking stage. This approach can minimize the need for extensive processing during mastering.


In conclusion, the SSi Pro Channel can be a suitable tool for mastering tracks, especially for those seeking an analogue modelled sound. However, it’s always recommended to try out the demo version first to ensure it fits well within your existing setup and meets your specific mastering needs. Remember, the ultimate test of any plugin is how it integrates with your workflow and contributes to the final sound of your music.

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