The Road to Exalted: Quick Tips for Exodar Reputation


Could you advise on the most efficient strategy for earning reputation with the Exodar faction?


Gaining favor with the Exodar faction is a common goal for many adventurers in Azeroth, particularly those who are part of the Alliance. The Exodar, the enchanted capital city of the Draenei, offers unique rewards and is a testament to the resilience of this noble race. Here are the most efficient strategies to maximize your reputation with the Exodar faction:

1. Questing in Key Zones:

The zones of Azuremyst Isle, Bloodmyst Isle, Swamp of Sorrows, Hellfire Peninsula, and Zangarmarsh are rich with quests that reward Exodar reputation. Completing these quests is the most straightforward method to gain substantial reputation points.

2. Cloth Turn-in Quests:

Similar to other major factions, the Exodar offers repeatable cloth turn-in quests. These quests are a reliable way to steadily increase your reputation while also contributing valuable resources to the faction.

3. Championing Through Dungeons:

Purchasing and wearing the Exodar Tabard allows you to champion the faction in dungeons. This means that each dungeon boss defeated while wearing the tabard will grant you additional reputation points. This method is particularly effective when running dungeons that offer a high number of bosses in quick succession.

4. Participating in the Argent Tournament:

For higher-level players (level 80 and above), competing in the Argent Tournament is another avenue to earn reputation. This prestigious event not only provides reputation but also the opportunity to earn unique rewards.

5. Exodar Writ of Commendations:

At level 85, players can turn in Exodar Writ of Commendations from the Molten Front. These writs are earned by participating in daily quests and can be exchanged for additional reputation points.

6. Alterac Valley Battleground:

Engaging in the Alterac Valley battleground and defeating members of the opposing faction, particularly blood elves, will also contribute to your Exodar reputation. This method combines the thrill of PvP combat with the practical benefit of reputation farming.


By following these strategies, players can efficiently increase their reputation with the Exodar faction. Whether you’re questing through the lush landscapes of Azeroth, battling in dungeons, or competing in the Argent Tournament, each action brings you closer to the rewards and recognition that come with being a revered ally of the Exodar.

Remember, the journey to exalted status is a marathon, not a sprint. Take your time to enjoy the rich lore and vibrant world that surrounds the Exodar and its inhabitants. Good luck on your quest for reputation!

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