The Reddit API Changes: How They Will Affect the Technical Support Community and What You Can Do About It


How do you evaluate the impact of the Reddit API changes on the technical support community?

This question is more concise and focused on the main issue that the r/TechSupport subreddit is protesting against. It also invites an expert opinion on the consequences and implications of the API changes for the users and moderators of the subreddit.


Reddit, one of the most popular social media platforms, announced a series of changes to its API (Application Programming Interface) that will affect how third-party applications and websites interact with the site. The changes, which will take effect on June 12, 2024, include limiting the number of requests per minute, requiring OAuth authentication for all endpoints, and removing some features such as flair, awards, and live threads.

The r/TechSupport subreddit, a community of over 1.2 million users who offer and seek technical assistance for various devices and software, is one of the many subreddits that will be impacted by these changes. The subreddit relies heavily on third-party tools and bots to enhance its functionality and user experience. For example, the subreddit uses a bot called TechSupportHelper to automatically assign flair to posts based on their category, status, and solved rate. The subreddit also uses a tool called to host an external wiki that provides useful resources and guides for common tech issues.

The Reddit API changes will make it harder for the r/TechSupport subreddit to use these tools and bots, as they will have to comply with the new rate limits and authentication requirements. This will reduce the efficiency and quality of the technical support offered by the subreddit, as well as the convenience and satisfaction of the users. Moreover, the Reddit API changes will also affect the subreddit’s ability to communicate and coordinate with other subreddits that offer related or specialized support, such as r/Windows10, r/AndroidQuestions, or r/BuildAPC.

The r/TechSupport subreddit has decided to join the blackout protest, along with many other subreddits, to express their dissatisfaction and frustration with the Reddit API changes. The blackout protest involves setting the subreddit to private indefinitely, starting from June 12, 2024, until Reddit makes a concerted effort to reevaluate and reverse their decisions. The subreddit hopes that the protest will raise awareness and pressure Reddit to reconsider the impact of the API changes on the diverse and vibrant communities that make up the site.

The Reddit API changes are a controversial and consequential move that will affect not only the r/TechSupport subreddit, but also many other subreddits and users who depend on third-party applications and websites to access and interact with Reddit. The changes will likely have a negative impact on the technical support community, as they will limit the functionality and usability of the tools and bots that enhance the subreddit’s service and experience. The blackout protest is a way for the subreddit to voice their concerns and demands, and to show their solidarity with other subreddits that share the same plight.

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