The Quest for Clarity: Addressing Elden Ring’s Monitor Resolution Issues


Could you provide insight into an issue with Elden Ring’s resolution? When played on a TV via Xbox, the game appears normal. However, connecting the Xbox to a 1440p monitor results in a drastic decline in graphic quality, with the visuals becoming blocky and pixelated. Adjustments to the Xbox and monitor settings have not resolved the problem. While it’s expected that the 4K TV would outperform the monitor slightly, the same monitor displays other games without such degradation in quality. Is this a common problem, and are there any known solutions?


Elden Ring enthusiasts have encountered a perplexing issue: the game’s graphics display perfectly on a TV when connected to an Xbox, but upon switching to a 1440p monitor, the resolution takes a nosedive. This results in blocky, pixelated visuals that significantly detract from the gaming experience. The problem persists even after tinkering with the settings of both the Xbox and the monitor, leaving players understandably frustrated.

This issue seems to stem from a resolution mismatch between the game’s output and the monitor’s native resolution. Elden Ring does not natively support ultra-wide resolutions, which can lead to graphical anomalies when played on monitors that do not align with the game’s optimized resolution settings.

The solution might be simpler than expected. Players have reported success by changing the game’s resolution settings manually. Here’s a step-by-step guide to potentially resolve the issue:

1. Open Elden Ring on your Xbox.

2. Navigate to the ‘System’ menu, then to the ‘Monitor’ icon.

3. In the ‘Resolution’ section, change the settings to 1920 x 1080.

This adjustment could bridge the gap between the game’s resolution and the monitor’s capabilities, offering a more seamless visual experience. It’s worth noting that while the game may run at up to 4K resolution on Xbox Series X, the performance mode, which targets 60 FPS, may adjust the screen resolution dynamically. Therefore, setting the Xbox to output at 1080p could potentially provide a more stable frame rate and clearer image on a 1440p monitor.

In conclusion, while Elden Ring’s resolution issues on 1440p monitors are a common concern, they are not insurmountable. By manually adjusting the game’s resolution settings, players can enjoy a smoother and more visually appealing experience. As with any technical workaround, results may vary, but this solution offers a promising avenue for those seeking to optimize their Elden Ring gameplay on a 1440p monitor..

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