The Professional’s Guide to Announcing an Intra-Company Role Change


Certainly! Here’s a rephrased question: “As an expert, could you advise on the best approach to communicate a transition to a new role within the same organization to a current manager?”


Begin by requesting a private meeting with your manager to discuss your career path. It’s important to communicate openly and honestly, expressing gratitude for the opportunities you’ve had in your current role.

Express Enthusiasm:

Share your enthusiasm for the new position and explain why you’re excited about this next step in your career. Emphasize how this move aligns with your long-term goals and professional growth.

Timing is Key:

Choose an appropriate time to have this conversation, ideally after you’ve completed a project or at a time when it won’t disrupt the workflow.

Offer Support:

Assure your manager that you are committed to a smooth transition. Offer to help find and train your replacement or to complete any outstanding tasks before you move on.

Focus on the Positive:

Keep the conversation positive, focusing on how this move is beneficial for your development and how it can also be advantageous for the team by bringing in fresh perspectives.

Maintain Professionalism:

Regardless of your relationship with your manager, maintain a professional demeanor throughout the conversation. This helps in preserving a positive working relationship post-transition.

Follow Up in Writing:

After your discussion, follow up with an email summarizing what was discussed and the agreed-upon steps moving forward. This ensures clarity and serves as a record of your conversation.

Remember, the goal is to leave your current role on good terms, making sure that your departure is not only beneficial for you but also leaves a positive impact on your team and organization.

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