The Photographer’s Map: Reading Exif Data in JPEG Images


Could you advise on the method for accessing the Exif metadata embedded within JPEG photographs?


Most operating systems have built-in features that allow you to view Exif data:

  • Windows:

    Right-click on the image file, select ‘Properties,’ then click the ‘Details’ tab.

  • macOS:

    Open the photo with ‘Preview,’ and then navigate to ‘Tools’ > ‘Show Inspector’ > ‘Exif’ tab.

  • Using Online Tools:

    There are numerous online services where you can upload a photo, and they will display its Exif data. Just search for “online Exif viewer” and choose one that suits your needs.

    Using Mobile Apps:

    There are apps available for both Android and iOS devices that enable you to view and edit Exif data. Simply search your app store for “Exif viewer.”

    Using Photo Editing Software:

    Programs like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom provide detailed Exif information. In Photoshop, you can access this by going to ‘File’ > ‘File Info.’

    Command Line Tools:

    For those comfortable with command-line interfaces, tools like Exiftool can be used to extract metadata from image files.

    Remember, while accessing Exif data is generally straightforward, editing or removing it should be done carefully to avoid corrupting the image file. Always make sure to keep a backup of the original photo before making any changes to its metadata.

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