The Majesty of London: Landmarks of the MSN Screensaver Collection


Could you detail the notable landmarks included within the MSN Wallpaper and Screensaver Pack themed around London?


The pack includes a variety of images that showcase the grandiosity and charm of London’s landmarks:

  • Houses of Parliament

    : The seat of the UK’s government, this landmark is known for its stunning Gothic Revival architecture and the iconic Big Ben clock tower.

  • Tower Bridge

    : A symbol of London, this bascule and suspension bridge stands over the River Thames and is recognizable by its two imposing towers.

  • Tower of London

    : A historic castle on the north bank of the Thames, it has served as a royal palace, fortress, and even a prison.

  • St Paul’s Cathedral

    : With its magnificent dome, it’s one of the most famous and recognizable sights of London.

  • Buckingham Palace

    : The residence of the monarchy, it’s an emblem of the British royal family and the site of many ceremonial occasions.

  • These images not only depict the grandeur of these sites but also offer glimpses into the everyday life that buzzes around them, providing a sense of being in the heart of London. Whether it’s the serene beauty of the Thames at dusk or the hustle and bustle of the city’s streets, the MSN London Pack brings the vibrancy of this metropolis to your screensaver and wallpaper.

    It’s important to note that while the pack highlights these famous sites, it may also include other notable landmarks and scenes from around the city, reflecting the diverse and dynamic spirit of London. The pack is a perfect way for anyone to enjoy the beauty of London, whether you’re reminiscing about a past visit or dreaming of a future trip.

    For those interested in downloading the pack, it’s available on the official Microsoft Download Center. It’s a wonderful way to keep the spirit of the 2012 Summer Games alive and to celebrate the timeless allure of London’s landmarks. Enjoy the journey through London’s streets and skylines, right from the comfort of your own home..

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