The Gamer’s Dilemma: Why Isn’t My Powerful PC Running at Full Speed?


“Why might my Ryzen 7 5700X and 4070 GPU only be operating at 30-40% capacity during gaming sessions, despite being paired with an M.2 NVMe PCIe 4 and 16GB of RAM? Could you provide any guidance on addressing this underutilization?”


When you’re gaming, you expect your system’s CPU and GPU to be firing on all cylinders, especially with a robust setup like a Ryzen 7 5700X and a 4070 GPU, complemented by an M.2 NVMe PCIe 4 and 16GB of RAM. However, if you’re noticing that your CPU and GPU utilization is hovering around 30-40%, you’re not getting the full performance you could be. Let’s explore some potential reasons and solutions for this underutilization.


V-Sync or Frame Rate Cap:

If V-Sync is enabled or there’s a frame rate cap set in your game settings, your GPU won’t work more than it needs to maintain the set frame rate.


Power Settings:

Check your power settings in both the operating system and the BIOS. Power-saving modes can throttle performance to save energy.



Other components may be bottlenecking your system. For instance, if your RAM is running at a lower frequency, it could limit performance.


Background Processes:

Ensure no heavy background processes are running that could be taking up CPU or GPU cycles.


Thermal Throttling:

If your CPU or GPU is overheating, it may throttle performance to cool down.


Driver Issues:

Outdated or corrupt drivers can lead to suboptimal performance.

Solutions to Consider:

  • Adjust Game Settings:

    Disable V-Sync and increase the graphics settings to push your GPU harder.

  • Optimize Power Settings:

    Switch to a high-performance power plan and adjust BIOS settings for performance.

  • Upgrade Components:

    If a bottleneck is identified, consider upgrading the component causing it.

  • Close Background Applications:

    Before gaming, close unnecessary applications to free up resources.

  • Improve Cooling:

    Ensure your system has adequate cooling to prevent thermal throttling.

  • Update Drivers:

    Keep your GPU and CPU drivers up to date for the best performance.

  • By investigating these areas, you can often find the cause of underutilization and take steps to ensure your system is running at its full potential. Remember, every system is unique, so it may take some trial and error to pinpoint the exact issue. Happy gaming!

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